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Manchester United 1 Sunderland old will send lore

Le 10 April 2014, 07:41 dans Humeurs 0

NEW YORK, Nov. 10 evening 22:05 , 201 314 11 Premier League season , Manchester City 01 upset loss to Sunderland , Silva (D Silva T Silva ) Kompany missing cheap fifa 14 ultimate team coins injured Manchester United Jiujiang Barr Beardsley lore . Manchester City upset again negative black : Sunderland Manchester City 's victims can be said that , in the past three seasons, the black cat in the Stadium of Light 10 to win again today, they copied the victory. For only four points before Sunderland , today 's three points on their vital missing injured Silva Kompany : Manchester City campaign missing two heavyweight players , captain and playmaker seats Compagni Silva are injury sidelined fight card. Among them, missing injured Manchester City Silva 's influence is very large, Pellegrini 's team is difficult to organize the attack. This season, the Spanish magician has created 27 chances to score , ranking the highest in the Premier League Manchester United Jiujiang send lore : Manchester City lost to Sunderland away upset , assists and goals Baltic Brown Denizli are the former Manchester United player . Although the Red Devils were abandoned, but the two in this way indirectly helped a former team Manchester City away insects : Manchester City this season, a big reason the poor away record is bad kick , Manchester City made ​​only six away wins and 1 level 4 negative results, the 20 teams ranked in the first 15 . In the Premier League , and Manchester City 's away record is the worst . Technical statistics from the audience point of view, overwhelmingly Manchester City on the road , they controlled the ball 64 percent , 14 corner is 2-0 , but Silva did not go-between , Manchester City 's attacking quality is extremely low, only 24 shots 4 shots on target , while Sunderland 2 Shots went into one . The first 21 minutes , a long pass to attack Brown , Baltic Denizli left onrush rid Milner reached the restricted area , small-angle shot into the far corner to break the pocket , Sunderland 10 leading the first 32 minutes , Nasri edge, Corallo husband left Xiadichuanzhong , Aguero nodded the ball away from the center just a little top side in the 58th minute , sending Cheng Yong Maguo Yaya Toure (Y Toure Toure K ) 25 yards right foot blasts the ball just scratch the door and over the first 80 minutes , Kolarov out on the left corner, Dzeko Road shakes center, the ball just wide ! Pellegrini : "I can not believe we lost the game in 90 minutes Sunderland only one chance , and we have a few times , but we could get no points, this is football Baer Zi ! . Lee 's goal is foul earlier ? it's important, I do not like to blame anything . " Milner : " I think Barr Denizli pushed me first , so I lost my balance , but the referee did not see them losing a major blow for us , we really Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins PS3, Fifa 14 Coins XBOX For Sale!! want to improve the look of the state of the road , though me. think we played well , but eventually took the victory was not us, " " Sky Sports " : ." Sunderland could not do four consecutive Premier League home , they beat Manchester City which is a remarkable achievement ! ! ! " "The Guardian ": " ! ! ! ! ! . Wow Sunderland Manchester City win even this is too surprising Brown did a great job , despite the Premier League Manchester City has the most firepower , but his defense insurmountable " Aguero ( 7 points ) : Kick is very hard , but also created some opportunities , Manchester array of the best players Nasri ( 6 points ) : still can not find the gap , the more depressed Yaya Toure kick (5 points ) : Today has always seemed very quiet , a critical moment has not come forward. Sunderland ( 451 ) : Goalkeepers: 25 Mannone Defenders: 12 Cyrus Teka , 16 O'Shea , Brown 5 , 2 Barr Denizli Midfielders: 14 Cole Baker , 4 Ki Sung -yong , 7 Larson , 23 Giaccherini ( 8 Gardner 72 ' ) , 11 Adam Johnson ( 31 Borini 87' )

1 Sunderland dropped two straight eighth balloon

Le 10 April 2014, 07:40 dans Humeurs 0

Liverpool lost in the previous two games in a buy fut coins row Florence and Chelsea , but today 's opponent in the last six league encounters all lost to Liverpool and a ball does not enter. Gerrard and Torres both sidelined due to the national round , Javier Mascherano and therefore behind the national team just finished off the bench, teenager Spyridon Erlin be the first Premier League appearance. Babel Benayoun played 100 times for Liverpool . Rivals Sunderland last round because of the lack of a red card and suspension of Richardson , yesterday officially free transfer from the former Liverpool player Zenden on the bench to start the game three minutes , Reed and Glen Johnson have one foot shot failed to hit the target. The first five minutes , Sunderland withstood Liverpool kick start playing back, Reid trip ball into the box on the right , pass the ball to the left heel knock Malta Blanco penalty area unmarked Darren Bent, Bent volley from 12 yards hit the door in front of a red balloon and legs outstretched to touch Johnson reflects the network ! 10 ! This is a balloon on the Liverpool fans from the stands ! The uninvited guest to help this special tournament five consecutive goals, tying him with eight goals tied for first place Torres Liverpool still in trouble , the first seven minutes of Sunderland captain Fabio pick companions headed a corner wide. Then Fabio uprooting Babel was booked. The first 13 minutes , Liverpool manufacture other restricted areas of confusion , McCartney was Kuyt steals the ball reached the restricted area , Babel 6 yards shot was blocked Gordon , Johnson blank range when they were ready to tackle Altenahr siege . The first 20 minutes , Agger fouls in the danger zone , Reid any ball bounce in the human wall , Malta Blanco then shot blocked by Skrtel has been 22 minutes, Reid pass to the far point , the special quite threatening header was confiscated Reina . The first 25 minutes , Yossi Benayoun cut into individual ball from the left penalty area , his shot was after Bardsley touched just wide . Kuyt on Altenahr fouls were robbed . The first 30 minutes , on the right edge of the area cross struck Lucas , Benayoun heel pass to the unmarked Johnson , a critical moment Bardsley tackles destruction. 1 minute breakthrough after Agger down , when the value of referee Mike Jones mercy 36 minutes, Ken Jones was Carragher Chanshang , playing again after Cheap Fifa 14 Coins | Buy Fifa 14 Coins From The Reliable Site - Fast Delivery! treatment . Sunderland almost 38 minutes to expand the score , Bardsley right pass to the point , Reina attack outsmarted , but Jones close range header wide . Liverpool counterattack, Spyridon Erlin frontier closed area long-range a little higher. The first 41 minutes , Johnson had the ball continuously Carter Moore and McCartney , but small Ferdinand prevented him to move on. The first 45 minutes , Fabio 35 yards in the second half with a long-range over Sunderland Henderson replaced McCartney . Henderson shot up immediately hit the area hand , the referee refused Sunderland penalty requirements. The first 50 minutes , Liverpool short corner to the foot of Johnson , Johnson hit a perimeter shot flak . Skrtel with ball being tripped Reid , who was booked. Sunderland once again miss the first 55 minutes , Spyridon Erlin was Henderson tackles, Jones ball straight plug, restricted the right of this special ball Akira Reina small-angle shot , but Reina saved the elongated arm his shot ! Carter Moore was stretchered off injured in the scraping and Babel , Liverpool Jiujiang Zenden debut. Liverpool escaped the first 61 minutes , Manchester Cole back pass fatal mistake , especially ahead of the ball go past Reina small-angle shot , but the ball hit the post ! 1 minute and Skrtel injured lying on the ground after the collision , he was unable to continue the game a few minutes after replacing Campbell . The first 66 minutes , Fabio Aurelio played the ball into the penalty area , Kuyt top a little, and then to keep up with when Yossi Benayoun grabbed a header , the ball was Gordon confiscated almost 70 minutes and Liverpool conceded , Hend Sen pass , Malta Blanco right small-angle shot blocked by Jamie Carragher in a timely manner . Liverpool even for two people, Voronin and Javier Mascherano were replaced Skrtel and Spyridon Erlin , which is also the captain of Argentina in Liverpool hundred games. The first 75 minutes , the bottom line of the foot near Carragher trip garlic, Bent Sunderland stole the ball to open the second attack , Reed pass from the right top of the ball was Aurelio , Henderson shot just wide grace edge of the area GOG replacing Babel . The first 85 minutes , Johnson shot right pass like Gordon in Zhengding Voronin pick to head the ball . The first 86 minutes , no one pressed the Mascherano 30 yards away long shots a little higher. The audience up to seven minutes of stoppage time . Liverpool almost broke the first 93 minutes , Kuyt restricted left side shot was Gordon closed out the first point , Ngozi 6 yards into the tip is inevitable Gordon was again saved the bottom line . The first 95 minutes , Liverpool long ball into the box to create chaos , Gordon again to defuse dangerous situations sides Lineup : Sunderland ( 442 ) : 1 Gordon / 2 Bardsley , Anton Ferdinand 5 , 4 Altenahr , 3 McCartney ( 46'16 Henderson ) / 20 Reed , 19 Qana , 8 Malta Blanco , 39 Carter Moore ( 58'7 Zenden ) / 11 special, 9 Ken Jones ( 66'9 Campbell ) Liverpool ( 4231 ) : 25 Reina / 2 Glen Johnson , 37 Skrtel ( 73'10 Voronin ) , 5 Agger , Carragher 23 / ​​21 Lucas , 12 Aurelio / 26 Spyridon Erlin ( 73'20 Mascherano ) , 15 Benayoun , 19 Babel ( 81'24 Ngozi ) / 18 Kuyt

buy cheap fifa 14 Xbox coins

Le 24 March 2014, 08:13 dans Humeurs 0

13 am , the results of the first league buy cheap fifa 14 coins defeat of Manchester City suffered eye-popping . Chelsea lost 1 to 2 score , completed the Premiership strange "food chain" the last piece of the puzzle , so that the formation of a top six Premiership a thing down cycle. At least with the leader of Manchester City only defeat this season, the Premier League championship also re- emerged suspense. Here, small as we count the number of football games , fueling fierce battle for the middle of the night to bring you the Premier League is not the same as a football charm "national football " is the latest development in France Ubisoft multiplayer online game of football , won the Best 3D leisure sports online . Street soccer game with the theme , plus has a unique role to play competitive football game modes , supports eight players play together . Whether in life, you will not play here , difficult ox tail , Thomas roundabout fingertips, God Mafanpeixi , Aguero , Rooney can do you can do. It is worth mentioning that the "national football" advocate "Girls can play football ," entertainment culture , the game never lacked sister " kicking a ball " is a Q version of football games , compared to other football game, "Moe " is its main selling point. Use the " tsunami engine" is the world's most advanced all true 3D game engine , so the performance of the game on the screen is enough color. The most striking part is that the game reflected his relaxed style of comedy , character scenes, Funny NPC, hilarious props makes the game fun. However, with respect to the majority of male players , the game style too Q is clearly not enough to attract "FIFA ONLINE" Korea NEOWIZ represents EA (Electronic Arts) co- developed online game version of "FIFA", the game outside the game modes in addition to the general , strengthen the team management system that can directly manage their team . RPG also introduced the concept of growth to make their team and get growing role , with opponents to play against , to fully experience the tension of online games. Whether it is a sense of control or fidelity of the game screen is a major highlight of this as " Madden Football " is a football game against the team . The team is on the streets against the players and their respective movements brilliant style as the background . In most networks today's football game, a game the player usually controls the whole team , it seems to be the same coach . Gorgeous skill players to pursue a try fans ' passionate football online " than any other football game , no law-abiding rules of the game , there is a certain sense of humor atmosphere. Unlike FIFA series of personal control and live , allowing the player to better reflect themselves strategically very important in this game . While the gameplay than FIFA series , the live series outstanding, but the game is still fun and slightly less maneuverability MMORPG online games online games market is still firmly occupy the dominant position , but the game of innovation and playability more less , in the majority of online players quietly changing needs and aesthetic front is twilight, a growing number of casual games players to be more concerned about the football game as a member will also increasingly sought after by players .

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